About Me

Khalea here! There's a lot that I could say, but to keep it simple: i'm doing a lot of learning myself, and trying to help others along the way. That's what this site is for — not only to chronicle my professional progress, but to pass on engineering knowledge that I accumulate as I experiment, fail, and grow.

On a personal note, I enjoy spending my free time primarily with friends — could be doing something as simple as watching a movie or going for a walk. I also play piano, guitar, video games, and longboard. I'm doing a lot of hiking lately, and want to eventually do an insane hiking trip along the California coast (and other places later on).



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    Working as an iOS Engineer @ Shopify

    I'm part of the mobile Inventory team, where I work on things such as orders, fulfilment, and inventory management.


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    Working as a Data Engineer @ Capgemini

    Even got my Snowflake Computing SnowPro certification!


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    Won 3rd in Grant Thornton GT-IDEA Case Competition

    I proposed solutions to address environmental concerns (modular construction, ground source heating, high efficiency HVAC units). My tiny team of 2 beat 11 other teams!

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    Graduated from Indiana University 👩🏽‍🎓

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    Interned at Virgin Pulse as a Software Engineer

    This was a great rotational program — I worked with Android, Angular, AWS, and even did some site reliability & support engineering!


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    Won 2nd in GEICO Hacktivates Hackathon

    I built out the recommendation engine for a Discord chatbot that suggests music, & created the front-end for our web app. Check it out on Github.

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    Participated in MIT's Reality Virtually Hackathon

    I love architecture & urban planning, so I pitched & built a VR urban planning tool with my two amazing teammates. Also scored a free VR headset from Microsoft.

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    Attended O'Reilly x Google Cloud Open Source Software Conference in Portland

    I was fortunate enough to recieve a scholarship to attend this conference in Portland! My favorite learning track was on Natural Language Processing with Python.

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    Attended Square's Code Camp in NYC

    I had the most amazing time in this program! I met so many incredible women and got the chance to explore NYC for an extended period of time. This was genuinely one of the most fun experiences I've ever had.

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    Attended Twilio Signal in San Francisco

    I was again fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to go to this conference. I learned a ton at the workshops here and had a lot of fun building small projects.

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    Joined Women in Computing Board at IU